AI Chatbots Offer Broader Customer Inclusivity

AI Chatbots Offer Broader Customer Inclusivity

As diversity and inclusion are priorities for organizations, AI chatbots taking a step further with customer inclusivity. Many of the product offerings are not directed at people with ‘physical or mental disabilities’. So, organizations fail to serve a more comprehensive section of the customer service. Technology is making it possible now. In this article at Silicon Angle, Zeus Kerravala shares how AI chatbots enable companies in customer inclusivity.

Refining Customer Inclusivity

Technology has improved customer experience on several levels, but what about those that cannot use traditional technology platforms like Siri? Egypt has 7 million citizens with hearing disabilities. So, its Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has made AI chatbots learn sign language to broaden the spectrum of customer inclusivity. Their purpose was to spread awareness about COVID-19 and related emergency services to all.

Rendering Services

MCIT, with the United Nations Development Programme and Avaya, had developed an AI chatbot. Any person with hearing disabilities can use the services through the Tamkeen website or WASEL, an Android mobile app. It was mainly launched for emergency services with chatbots sharing critical information in sign language on video calls. COVID-19 response programs are part of it now to boost customer inclusivity.

How It Works

Using AI, the virtual chatbot can interpret the users’ sign language and provide relevant pandemic-related information. The chatbot asks customers a set of questions and connects them to a contact center when required. The app has a single-click facility to contact the agents. The center agents can leverage Avaya’s solution Oceana to interact with users.

The AI chatbots also helped reduce the sudden spike in calls in the healthcare, banking, education, and government sectors during the crisis. MCIT plans to add more services related to banking and government in the future.

CIOs and business leaders want to explore further on customer inclusivity. With the help of emerging technologies, more people should have access to essential and nice-to-have services.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://siliconangle.com/2020/09/18/ai-powered-chatbots-improving-services-disabled/

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