Can Remote Managers Conquer Long-Term Project Goals?

Time and unforeseen incidents have evolved the work-from-home models for organizations. So, remote project managers now have to address a whole new set of problems. They are the catalyst for renewed business strategies while successfully managing your distributed teams. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby shares the new guidebook to better manage remote teams without impacting productivity.

A Reality Check

According to a recent Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) report, almost 42 percent of the US employees worked from home this summer. Remote work will also remain a practical approach to survive the crisis though it has hampered many professionals’ career growth plans.

A new finding from an anonymous professional network Blind reveals that over 53 percent of technology employees are facing low professional development. Working from home has obstructed their career plans severely. Effective management is vital, and remote managers can make the situation favorable by following these steps:

Upgrade Visibility

Instead of worrying over the present scenario, transform your approach to overcome it. Find a smart way to boost your team’s motivation while monitoring regular check-ins. Inspire team members to share their thoughts, ideas, and problems. Keep addressing their professional needs to develop visibility and open communication.

Regular Interaction

Virtual team meetings are great, but one-on-one discussions are significant. Let each individual in the team to bond well with you and other team members over digital chats. Conduct daily Checkpoint calls if your team needs to present a range of innovative ideas. Extend emotional support should team members face personal and professional problems.

Initiate Fun Activities

Employees are missing their casual chats with their peers in the office. Conducting a light chit-chat session or virtual celebration of the weekend on a Friday evening could prove appealing to your team. Even driving a ‘5 p.m. mingles’ to laud a week’s success would motivate them for the forthcoming week.

Keep a Reality Check

Regularly check with your staff if the technologies, tools, or devices provided to them for remote work are functioning well. Keep a close tab over the user experience to operate competently. Take the opportunity to offer additional on-the-job training and execute necessary changes for improved productivity.

Aid Constructive Debate

Ensure your team brings forth topics for intense discussions and help you make well-informed decisions during a virtual team meeting. Face your fears while uncovering vulnerabilities that may create issues later for your organization.

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