Project Manager Resume: Key to Stand Out in the Crowd

Layoffs, pay cuts, and the growing gig economy are some of the evident repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The road ahead looks bumpy. Nonetheless, the demand for project managers did not fade. In this article at PM Student, discover how to highlight your skills and efficiencies to get the desired role despite a congested pipeline with limited vacancies.

The Growth Forecast

According to a recent PMI report, the demand for project management professions is growing by $6.61 trillion, resulting in about 6.2 million jobs in 2020. Here is how you can form an exceptional resume to seize the opportunity:

Improve the Header

It is not mandatory to write the term ‘resume’ on top. Professionals make this common mistake of highlighting the document’s purpose. However, the header of your resume is significant to the recruiter, so use a suitable font. Poor alignment of your profile title can leave a wrong impression on your potential recruiter. Follow these guidelines to improve the header of your curriculum vitae:

  • Mention your contact details, including address, contact number, geographic location, and email ID. You may add Twitter and LinkedIn handles.
  • Highlight your areas of expertise, exposure, and operational qualities. Optimize the skills requirement by emphasizing on your profile titles like ‘certified agile developer.’

Summarize Your Achievements

Impress the recruiters with a sophisticated professional summary that shows how you may become an asset to the company. Focus on the job description to prove your potential. For instance, if the JD says budget-friendly managers needed, your profile must underline your proficiency to finish projects within a given time and budget.

Add Valuable Experience

Your professional experience may not suffice the job requirement unless you demonstrate your skills, achievements, and leadership abilities. So, use powerful verbs in the sub-headings to leave a lasting impact on the recruiters.

Present Your Certifications

A project manager’s role demands constant learning, and certifications could be a way to boost knowledge. However, if you cannot project them, the recruiters will not see a reason to hire you. So, keep honing your skills by acquiring relevant certifications. Underline your skills that are most sought-after in the project management industry.

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