5 Data Structure Questions to Prepare for Interview

5 Data Structure Questions to Prepare for Interview


Data structure questions are quite common when developers go for interviews. These help to store knowledge in the code. Once you get the relevant structure, your problem-solving time significantly reduces. So, you must have some answers ready while you get ready for the D-day. In this article at Hackernoon, Rahul Sabnis shares five data structure questions to prepare for interviews.

Detect Data Structure Questions

The difference between getting a job and losing an interview might be just an answer. If you get the data structure questions right, the hiring company will recognize you as a prized possession. Here are the five data structure questions to prepare for interview:

Know Arrays

Many languages use arrays. Interviewers ask data structure questions based on arrays to understand your core coding skills. If you understand array, you can work with other data structures as well.

Learn Linked List

This data structure type is also common like arrays and are favorite among the recruiters. Learn how to add, lookup, and remove values from the given list.

Stacks and Queues

While a stack is last in, first out (LIFO), queue is just the opposite. It is a data structure that works on first in, first out (FIFO) principles.

Create Hash Table

Hash tables are amortized time complexity that use hash function with arrays. However, these tables do not have a structure or order and need more arrays than there are elements. When the table throws out the index after taking the element, it create collison which further lowers the time complexity.

Revise Trees and Graphs

Start with n-ary trees, Tries, and Binary Search Trees (BST) like AVL Trees and Red-Black Trees. After you are knowledgeable about the trees, turn your attention towards graphs.

Data structure questions are not easy to answer if you do not work on them beforehand. Understand from the job description what type of data structures you would be using on the floor and get the answers ready.

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