5 Habits of Highly Successful Developers


Software development plays an increasingly important role in a company’s competitive edge. Today, developers are in high demand because of their ability to turn ideas into reality. In this article at Swift2Go, Dejan Atanasov explains some daily habits that every developer must build to be better at their work and increase their productivity throughout the day.

Habits of Productive Developers

Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Fixing your sleep-wake schedule plays a significant role in increasing your productivity. “Working until 4 AM and then getting up at 11-12 AM just won’t work,” explains Dejan. To get the maximum out of yourself, you must sleep for at least 7 hours. Ensure to schedule your sleeping and waking hours to be the same for each day.

Stay Physically Active

Regular physical activity will undoubtedly reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve your memory and thinking skills. Visit the gym or any other place that you prefer for physical exercise. You must try and maintain consistency in your efforts.

Never Overwork

Working too much will undoubtedly take a toll on your body and brain. It boosts stress and gets in the way of physical activity, healthy eating, and other good habits. Overwork that further results in stress and exhaustion will severely impact interpersonal communication, decision-making, and managing one’s own emotions.

Enhance Your Knowledge

You must keep track of industry updates – language versions, programming practices, and frameworks that you have never used before. Expand your knowledge in your area each day.


Ask yourself how much time you spend on social media, chatting with friends and colleagues, or take breaks during working hours. Train your brain to prioritize and focus on the tasks at hand. Put all the challenging tasks on your to-do list during your productive hours. Follow these with less important work, and end with routine tasks that you find boring.

These five habits will certainly help you boost your productivity. To read the original article, click on https://medium.com/swift2go/5-daily-habits-to-become-a-productive-developer-b26b7db422c9.

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