A New Brand of Tech Leaders Rises in the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the value of technology. Technology leaders are getting special recognition for their contribution and constant support in the global crisis. A role once evaluated as essential to the business is now crucial to build trust and agility. In this article at Information Age, Nick Ismail elaborates on the growing influence of the technology leaders amid the pandemic. IT leaders are known for transforming the industry and initiating new business strategies.

The Guiding Chief

Technology specialists are efficient in sharing real-time insights to upgrade and predict future trends. They are the key growth drivers of innovation and redefine time and place barriers. According to a recent Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, about 61 percent out of 4,200 IT leaders believed that the pandemic had left a lasting impact on the technology leaders. Corporate board members are confident that they are capable of addressing any emerging business threat. Let us take a look at the prominent ways technology leaders influenced an organization:

  • The onset of the global epidemic has badly affected the workforce habitual of spending a designated set of hours at work. A sudden shift to the remote work model has made it difficult for them to adjust. The technology leaders helped them meet customer expectations using virtual channels of communication.
  • Over 47 percent of IT leaders have planned to accelerate automation and digital transformation. With this bold move, the leaders are making employees ready for a digitally advanced future.
  • Low-level AI and machine learning experiments have taken a front seat amid the global lockdown. Right from 21 percent in the pre-pandemic phase to a 24-percent hike in a few months is a commendable growth.

Future Forecast

The remote work model will stay for long. About 70 percent of IT leaders believe the collaboration between business and technology is a sign of progress and vastness. Almost 86 percent of technology leaders have already shifted a substantial workforce to a distributed network. They believe in promoting a world of virtual presence over physical attendance.

Nonetheless, diversity remains a persistent issue as women technology leaders get less recognition in the industry. Despite the industry’s evident gender biases, about 24 percent of IT leaders think their enterprises encourage women empowerment.

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