Are You a Coding Conniousseur? Explore Your Career Options


Kickstarting a career in coding is a big decision. If you have decided to shift your career, then there are definitely some big perks. Whether you would like to spend your day writing codes or use your programming language to help drive overall business decisions, there are many coding careers out there. In this article at e-careers, Ashley Pugh explores some coding career options available.

Career Options to Explore

Junior Developers

You can acquire this job with 0-3 years of experience. As a junior developer, you must have a preliminary understanding of an entire application lifecycle and an understanding of databases and application services (queues, caching, etc.). Developers often continue coding until the most senior levels.

Senior Developer

A senior developer must have 4 to 10 years of experience. As a senior developer, you must write complex applications and have a deep understanding of an entire application lifecycle. Further, you must also have in-depth knowledge of databases and application services. This is a typical role where you get an opportunity to build a whole application at scale. “This is the primary step on the development ladder before reaching management, being the favorable position for developers to stay in,” explains Ashley.

Lead Developer or Architect

This position demands the same base skills as a senior developer, but with 7 to 10+ years of experience. If you do not want to take up management roles, being a lead architect is the highest rank on the technical career ladder. Architects write codes, but most often, they design complex systems that will further be implemented by teams of senior and junior developers. As a lead developer, you must utilize your technical wisdom to create the structure for a successful software project.


Programmers lead the development teams. The role demands them to take program designs and turn them into instructions that a computer can follow.

To explore career options in coding, click on https://www.e-careers.com/connected/career-paths-with-coding.

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