Break Down Silos and Let CIOs Lead the Digital Shift

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, CIOs were already performing more with fewer resources. The outbreak has increased their woes, with corporations bring down the budget and initiating layoffs. Many organizations took the tough call of adopting the work-from-home model, keeping their physical offices shut permanently. Indeed, the epidemic brought endless uncertainties along. In this article at TechTarget, Mark Zawacki explains that growing instability is an alarm to the corporate leads. CIOs have a technically sound and broader vision to strategize digital transformation.

Reposition CIOs

CIOs seldom make crucial decisions with C-suite executives. However, it is high time to change the hierarchy and bring them front and center to form and deliver a holistic plan. CIOs are the enablers of smart solutions that can improve organizational performance and navigate the emerging cybersecurity challenges.

Technology should be the driving force to generate revenue, and CIOs should redefine strategic approaches to boost business growth.

Where’s the Gap?

Despite the growing rage of digital transformation in the past two decades, chief digital officers (CDOs) or ‘transformers in chief’ remain incompetent to deliver successful results. According to a McKinsey report, about 83 percent of digitization fails due to incompetent business leaders and their conventional approach to lead. An agile mindset is key to leadership in the era of digital transformation.

CIOs Ready to Lead

Being well-versed with the ground reality, the CIOs use data and analytics to resolve emerging issues that have encouraged them to produce tangible results. Their efforts translate into the advancement and evolvement of the whole enterprise.

According to Columbia University research, 92 percent of MNCs lacked adequate growth before. The COVID-19 outbreak has affected its growth even more. Corporate leaders must switch to an advanced approach to enhance business growth.

To establish a pandemic-proof business continuity model, CIOs must build a technology core and company culture with the former augmenting the latter.

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