Can Digitization Revive Post-COVID Global Economy?

Can Digitization Revive Post-COVID Global Economy?

Just as a vaccine boosts our immunity, experts believe that digitization has the potential to revive the post-COVID global economy. When businesses across the world leverage emerging technologies, those tools and applications would act as an antibody to prevent crisis consequences. Thankfully, we are more prepared to adapt to new platforms and software now than 15 to 20 years ago. So, it will not be a massive struggle to cope with, but how far can we reach? In this article at Entelgy, discover if digitization can revive the post-COVID global economy.

Digitization and Post-COVID Economy

All sectors are affected by the coronavirus outbreak, and most employees are currently working from home to support their offices. People were doubtful about the effectiveness of telemarketing and virtual client meetings. Now they are gradually warming up to the remote work model’s idea and are experiencing a rise in business prospects. Behind all these successes lies digitization.

Staying Connected

Since all staff support their respective offices from home, businesses needed to modify data infrastructure. Though companies were leveraging cloud services, overnight shift to remote work model helped them realize the service values. Being early adopters of SaaS and PaaS platforms, it also sped up the digitization process. Not only did it make the company database accessible to all, but it also cut costs. After the initial challenges, digitization can help the world economy revive after the post-COVID crisis.

Being Secure

More companies would utilize emerging technologies like AI, but not without tightening the cybersecurity best practices. Scientists test vaccines several times before declaring them safe. You also must beef up enterprise security protocols to leverage digitization. One of the primary ways to heighten the security culture is by increasing awareness among stakeholders. The number of breaches and hacks has increased manifold amidst the pandemic, so companies must protect their staff and assets.

We need to improve our immunity against the virus as well as the cyber attacks. Instead of ignoring the facts, let us embrace the new-age procedures to optimize the digitization outcomes.

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