CCOs Must Team Up with CIOs to Defeat Competition

Long gone are those days when a chief customer officer’s (CCO) job was to improve customer experience. Nowadays, they play a significant role in determining a strategy to drive business growth by pleasing customers. In this article at CustomerThink, Jeb Dasteel defines the positive impact of CIOs-CCOs partnership. Together, they can reinforce lucrative business opportunities, positive customer experience (CX), and deliver outstanding customer value.

A Cohesive Approach

Digitization has played a remarkable role in presenting unforeseen customer experience. The new-age customer expectations and demands are high due to which competition is increasing. Cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) models are your ideal strategy to outlive the market competition.

A Formidable Blend

CCOs can seek the support of CIOs, CMOs, and other operational leaders to derive customer-oriented strategies. Cooperatively, you can create exclusive product strategies and a roadmap to influence customers. Technology is essential to bring novelty and elegance to the products and their promotion. With that expectation, take a look at the potential areas where CCOs can seek CIOs’ intervention to have a competitive edge:

  • It would help if you studied customer behavior thoroughly to deliver an exceptional experience. Data and analytics are pivotal to draw such insightful observations. Nonetheless, you also need customer narrative to relate to the data you have collected.
  • Technical proficiencies bring valuable returns, but only when you diligently deploy resources to map your audience’s needs. Apart from the functional benefits like profit, presentation, and precision, the insights help influence consumer brand trust and purchase decisions.
  • Switch to a service mentality that enhances agility, progression, and wisdom. To do so, you need a holistic approach to recognize the customer journey right from scratch. The journey defines how your customer requirement operates businesses and measure performance.
  • Form a holistic approach to align your business KPIs with the customer needs. Allocate sponsors, stakeholders, and multi-operational teams to achieve desired outcomes. Let each team member feel responsible for delivering exceptional customer value.

Determination, commitment, and consistency are crucial to reap the benefits of a new collaboration. Eventually, you need a holistic approach to engage each facet of the customer lifecycle.

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