CIOs, Learn AI to Manage Your Team Better

Have you realized that we are surrounded by artificial intelligence (AI)? As you type a text message on the phone, it gives you options to end the conversation aptly. If you drive on an unknown stretch, the navigator can help you take an easy route. Over the years, we have started relying on AI without knowing much about it. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby explains how a CIOs’ role demands awareness of positive technology trends. Artificial intelligence is one such area in which most CIOs remain oblivious.

Unearth AI Capabilities

The CIOs must recognize the power and side-effects of artificial intelligence to use it for positive business growth. Considering its growing demand, you will soon employ AI employees in your team. To boost their efficiency and encourage them to produce desired outcomes, learn these fun facts about artificial intelligence:

It’s a Cluster of Activities

Artificial intelligence is a bunch of technologies applied to fulfill user requirements and issues. It is mostly pitched across a data-based solution to automate actions. CIOs must know its key elements that apply to their venture.

Know the Unknown

Learn about the limitations of artificial intelligence before recommending it. See whether the options you are proposing can deliver the desired experience.

Patience Is Pivotal

AI does not offer an easy return on investment like other technically advanced tools. CIOs must learn to justify the delays instead of being rattled or disappointed by it.

Do Not Underrate Data

Data is the lifeblood of artificial intelligence. So, the data team’s involvement in the development of AI strategy is essential, right from the beginning. Being the CIO, see how much data you require to develop an intelligent system. So, be wary of the data source.

Never Devalue the Data Scientists

Do not underestimate the contribution of data scientists. They are capable of delivering unanticipated data visualizations. Besides solving business problems leveraging AI, data scientists can use machine learning to drive maximum business value.

Scalability and Infrastructure

CIOs must ensure their technology stack is working in sync with the other technologies used in the organization. The move would help you accomplish your AI journey.

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