CIOs: The Pandemic Era’s Most Influential Leaders

IT leaders have enough responsibilities on their shoulders. Nonetheless, they managed a gigantic remote team is not easy. In this article at CIO Dive, Roberto Torres states how the CIOs earned their seat in the corporate board team by proving their proficiency. The IT leaders have already responded to the perpetual impacts of the pandemic differently. Still, all of them remain consistent to act promptly and assertively.

Budget Discipline

According to the 2020 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, the technology budget is on the verge of a dip. The radical shift to virtual communication in the initial pandemic phase triggered massive spending on the technology division alone. Organizations bear about $15 billion per week in additional costs on technology to secure remote work facilities. That was a historic surge in technology budget amid the global lockdown.

Play Hard, Play Smart

IT leaders are judged based on their efficiency to control the technology budget and staff. Agile CIOs can utilize their strength to encourage and nurture a healthy relationship with employees across the enterprise. They are efficient in enabling anticipated transformation without affecting the annual budget. It is a tough job, but CIOs never shy away from bold moves.

With organizations reorganizing their priorities, IT leaders are exercising innovative tactics and relationships to bring drastic changes. Technology leaders are strategizing smart ways to remain influential to the company. However, they prefer to stay distant from the eternal board issues. Technology will remain a top priority for any company. So, three-quarters of CTOs and about two-third of CDOs would retain the board member spots.

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