Collaboration: Key to Creating an Extraordinary Workplace


As remote and flexible working opportunities become the new normal across the globe, organizations are now looking beyondhttps://24m.io/ the standard calls or emails to keep their teams connected. According to studies, nearly 75% of employers believe collaboration and teamwork are crucial to their success. In this article at UC Today, Rebekah Carter explains why effective collaboration technology is every CIO’s top priority.

Communication & Collaboration: The Difference

Communication and collaboration are often intertwined, and it is difficult to see the difference between them at times. There are different types of communication, one-way announcements, two-way conversations, group discussions, and more. ‘Collaboration’ is ‘two-way’ communication, but it goes far beyond a simple conversation. Collaboration is exploring and generating new ideas. It isn’t just a single event – it is a consistent part of today’s organizational culture. Communication can exist without collaboration. However, collaboration is impossible without communication.

Expanding Scope of Technology

As the workforce is becoming increasingly dispersed, collaboration tools have evolved beyond the standard whiteboard and meeting room brainstorming sessions. “With collaboration tools, today’s businesses can ensure that their teams always have the tools they need to work productively together on projects and ideas intended to accelerate company performance,” explains Rebekah.

Today, collaboration apps include:

  • Video and voice conferencing solutions that enable employees to discuss projects from various locations
  • File and screen sharing options
  • Real-time messaging and editing features
  • Access to digital whiteboards
  • Video and voice recording options

Further, collaborative tools allow remote workers and dispersed employees to work together in any environment, regardless of their location and the device they use. Excellent communication skills are necessary not just for successful collaboration but also for a successful business. From productivity to customer satisfaction and employee retention, good communication drives business results.

Click on https://www.uctoday.com/collaboration/what-is-collaboration/ to read the full article.

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