Developer, Be the Game-Changer, If Not a Manager

What does it take to remain in a software developer’s position? How is it amusing to stay at the same spot, playing with the codes? In this article at Welcome to the Jungle, Petr Zaparka clarifies how you can be the game-changer without being the manager. Indeed, a project manager or IT leader earns more than a software developer. However, money should not be the only reason to switch role.

See the Larger Picture

If you are a tech-savvy professional and stay up-to-date with the industry trends, following your passion may not be difficult. However, is it that difficult to remain a developer and not a manager? Or, do you still have the spark to be the next game-changer? A developer’s job is not confined to coding and agile principles. It also involves customer engagement, inventions, product ownership, and addressing unique problems.

Stick to Your Guns

Feeling stuck could be a temporary phase, but it is the tipping point that decides your fate. Social obligations and desires can lead to unfortunate career decisions that you may regret later. Job satisfaction is crucial to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Developers may not interact with the end-users often, but they know the meaning of job satisfaction. On the contrary, a manager’s job is to coordinate between stakeholders and developers for project progress. It feels like a facilitator that extends necessary help for the project team.

What’s Next?

If you are convinced, then you must be eager to know the other options for your career development. So, here is a list of suggestions for you:

  • Take on the responsibility of a mentor and enlighten the world with your vision and craftsmanship.
  • Explore and experiment with advanced technologies and become the originator of software development.
  • Look for valuable ways to boost your company’s business. You can help in recruiting new developers or stay in the system to upgrade or analyze vulnerabilities.
  • You can turn into a creative genius that knows exclusive ramifications and solutions for everything.

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