Developers, Learn How to Deal With Burnout


Software developers’ job demands them to create great software programs every day. Many developers feel like less a developer when they perform anything less than their optimum capacity. This often leads to burnout. Burnout is a common phenomenon in the tech industry, especially among developers. According to studies, nearly 60% of developers report suffer from burning out. How to avoid burnout? In this article at The Overflow, Cassidy Williams shares a few tips on how to take care of an ambitious self and avoid burning out.

Ways to Prevent Burnout

Say ‘NO’

You may find it hard to say ‘no’ to projects that appear to be good for your career and personal brand. You will not be able to do your best if you say ‘yes’ to everything. Remember, quality over quantity applies to your time spent on commitments. When you hit the out-of-energy state, you end up wasting your time and effort and depriving yourself of relaxation.

Avoid Impossible Goals

When the goals seem impossible, demanding more from yourself will undoubtedly lead to developer burnout. So, ensure to set expectations realistically. Managers may ask you for your thoughts on the timeline of projects. Ensure to check the estimates against similar projects.

Stay Healthy

Poor physical health is one of the leading factors to developer burnout. Try to do exercise at least 2-3 times a week. Include healthy food in your diet, get enough sleep, and take regular breaks throughout the day. Sitting 8-10 hours in front of the computer without frequent breaks decreases productivity. Taking a regular break can work wonders in coding, especially when you indulge in debugging the project.

Master Your Tools

Working on good tools makes programming more enjoyable, and mastering them will make your work even more efficient. Knowing all the shortcuts of your tools, that is, command line, editor, and OS will save you time each day. Automating mundane tasks allows you to make quicker progress.

To read the original article, https://stackoverflow.blog/2020/01/13/avoiding-burnout-as-an-ambitious-developer/.

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