Developers, Refine Time Management Before Coding

Developers, Refine Time Management Before Coding


How can time management make you a real programmer? You deliver timely tasks, which enables your team to rely on your performance. Programmers must continuously stay abreast of new information, especially true for freelancers. Without a proper division of your attention, you will lag. In this article at Medium, Salwa M shares how you can refine time management to be valuable to the team.

Scaling Up Time Management

The more you scale up your time management skills, the more time you can devote to self-improvement. You can also take up additional responsibilities or give more time to your loved ones. Your schedule might be packed up with tasks, but you will become faster when you aim for it. Here are the ways you can refine time management:

Plan Well

Though it might sound like a complete waste of your productive minutes, planning can help you complete your tasks on time. The activity gives you greater visibility of the things you can achieve once you become skilled in time management. You do not have to sit with a pen and paper; just clock yourself.

Make a Priority List

It is a common instinct to do the most comfortable task first. Nonetheless, when you plan, you discover the interdependent work. Always prioritize work where others are relying on your approval or task completion.

Set Targets

Projects have deadlines, and the boss plans and distributes tasks accordingly. However, you must set a shorter deadline. You can proof it before sending it or help your teammates complete theirs.

Discipline Yourself

You may envy freelancers because they do not have bosses. However, they need to have that discipline to accomplish assignments on time and earn faith from their customers. The same goes for you.

Seek Guidance

If you cannot manage time, there are tons of apps, articles, courses, and mentors to help. Not everything might apply to you, so choose carefully.

Time management is a skill you need in every sphere of your life, not just work. Get more tangible results for managing time by effectively delivering your tasks.

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