Digital Transformation: Tips for CIOs to Build Digital-Ready Culture

If you are a technology leader or CIO at a global enterprise, the chances are that you have already implemented digital transformation or thinking about your transformation roadmap. To successfully implement a digital transformation, you must promote an empowered innovation culture that enables agility, improved data management, and dynamic workflows among different workgroups. In this article at InformationWeek, Deb Gildersleeve explains how CIOs must nurture the organizational culture to enact digital transformation.

Tips for CIOs

Empower the Frontline Employees

Forward-thinking CIOs prioritize businesses’ agility to respond swiftly and effectively to change. But to achieve this, CIOs must optimize the company’s transformation approach to prepare for the unknown. As a CIO, you must shift away from a one-dimensional approach to digital transformation in favor of a modern hybrid model. The hybrid model must engage workers on the frontlines to identify lapses and determine innovative solutions.

Foster Collaboration

You must deploy powerful technologies and operational agility to implement a digital transformation strategy that engages employees. “CIOs must be ready to invest in employees’ skills and create an open and inclusive environment where people feel valued,” explains Deb. Additionally, you must ensure your employees have the tools and necessary skills to navigate digital disruption across all levels.

Build Practices that Set You Apart

Cultivate habits of rapid experimentation within a framework of data-driven decision-making. Though these practices may seem to run counter to companies whose structures, governance rules, and values strongly drive self-reported growth and innovation.

If you are already following these practices – in the way they are meant to be done – you can serve as an example for the rest of your organization. You can even coach leaders to help them get the culture they want. If you are not following, then it is now time to start. To read the original article, click on https://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/team-building-and-staffing/how-cios-can-nurture-a-culture-of-digital-transformation/a/d-id/1339236.

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