Driving Digital Transformation in IT Service Desk

Many organizations are developing automated processes and taking data to a whole new level to make an organization operate more efficiently. This trend has accelerated, especially during a pandemic. There is a great demand for the organization’s service desk operations to adapt and adopt the necessary skillsets. In this article at TechBeacon, Nancy Louisnord explains how to drive digital transformation with an agile IT service desk.

Agile Methodology in IT Service Desk

Here’s what you must do when applying the agile methodology to your IT service desk. You must:

  • Focus on individuals over the processes and tools.
  • Avoid comprehensive documentation.
  • Engage in customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
  • Respond to change rather than just following a plan.

“When you focus on individuals and interactions, you learn to listen more closely, and, as a result, you can do the right things,” explains Nancy. This will also help you put your customers and employee engagement at the center of your business and make IT more business engaged.

Choose the Right KPIs

Focus on metrics that ensure that you are flexible, able to change, and evolve with your customers to help them continuously. You must have a long-term vision and make sure you build in enough reflection moments to adjust to the plan.

Replace Spreadsheet with Email-Based Processes

As you embark on digital transformation (and leverage modern cloud-based solutions), they provide you an opportunity to upgrade your processes with service-desk operations that leverage automation, data management, and modern tools to deliver consistent and measurable results.

How to Achieve Success?

With any change comes hurdles, challenges, and successes. Implementing transparency and open communication are the key to success. Embracing the agile methodology at the service desk will elevate the IT-business relationship. It further encourages collaboration and transparency by creating a robust technology organization that drives the entire business with a more holistic approach.

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