Hone Your Problem-Solving Skills to Be a Programmer


In the technology world, problems can occur at any time, and programmers are experts in solving them. Organizations rely on their programming staff to analyze, experiment, and to offer a solution. In this article at Code Without Rules, Itamar Turner-Trauring defines the algorithm of problem-solving skills for programming candidates. The job is yours only if you can stage your ability to solve problems.

Who’s the Right Fit?

To get a new job, candidates showcase not only their professional aptitude but also soft skills. If you are aiming for a new programming job, you must justify your current position. Explain your professional value to the recruiter. Do not shy away from sharing the other job offers you have. Acknowledge if you do not know about the emerging technologies. Express your eagerness to learn. Here is how you can showcase your strengths and weaknesses to the recruiter and leave a lasting first impression:

Rank of Understanding

Problem-solving has three phases, and a programmer’s career should correspond to it:

  • Problem finders: Usually, principal software engineers do the job.
  • Solving identified problems: Senior software engineers do this work.
  • Execute already identified solutions: Junior software engineers do the needful here.

The earlier you explore these levels of problem-solving procedure, the better you hone your professional skills. Thus, communication is critical for you to upgrade your efficiency.

Why You?

Storytelling is a crucial soft skill necessary to excel in programming. To get noticed by recruiters, you must involve in storytelling and use the right term at the right time. Showcase your knowledge and demonstrate your efficiencies in the resume to get the desired recognition in the industry. Be proactive in communicating and promoting non-technical skills to add another feat to your professional background.

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