How are CIOs Rethinking Enterprise Initiatives?

As the businesses shift to remote work, companies are reevaluating many functions like initiating virtual hiring, online events, and operational revamp. The role of the CIO, in particular, is changing while forcing them to reconsider the priorities. There is a great demand for CIOs to shift their priorities based on a remote workforce’s needs. In this article at Information Week, Sampath Sowmyanarayan shares a five-step roadmap for IT leaders to follow as they continue to prepare for business as ‘unusual.’

How to Prepare for Future Remote Work?

Information technology is playing a vital role during the crisis by enabling business continuity. Technology has enabled ease of working and collaboration capabilities. Here are five factors that CIOs must consider while preparing for the future of remote working.

Cloud Applications for Collaboration

“Understanding the tools your team needs for remote work, and considerations such as what internal parties and partners need for collaboration, are critical in shaping the applications needed for your remote teams,” explains Sampath.

Strong and Secure Mobile Connectivity

With the increased level of remote work, CIOs must prepare to handle a higher percentage of remote employees.


CIOs must implement software-defined networking (SDN) and virtualized network services (VNS) to support new usage patterns as work shifts outside of offices and enable application availability. These networks will undoubtedly help CIOs to be prepared for a more permanent displacement.

Monitoring Network Performance

As employees connect their devices from remote locations, understanding and monitoring the intersection between end-user devices, infrastructure, and application are crucial.

Zero-Trust Security

Cybersecurity is the top priority for CIOs. Business leaders must equip systems to protect, detect, and respond to threats in the next age of remote work where confidential data goes beyond on-premise devices.

A Resilient End-User Support Model

The end-user support models must handle spikes in teleworker demand, both in terms of calls for help and the need for tablets, laptops, or other mobile devices.

To read the full article, click on https://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/team-building-and-staffing/the-cios-role-in-setting-the-remote-work-agenda/a/d-id/1339096.

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