How Are Threat Actors Manipulating Facebook Users?

After Microsoft, DHL, Google, PayPal, and many other big shots, the malicious actors are illegally using social media giant Facebook. The attackers are conducting phishing attacks through the messenger platform. In this article at ThreatPost, Lindsey O’Donnell narrates the new strategy that cyber hackers use to malign Facebook’s brand reputation. The cybersecurity attackers often use the social media platform to breach professional networks of the remote workforce. Within 2020, over 4.5 million phishing attempts were reported. The malware actors use it to access confidential data.

The Top Contenders

Apart from Facebook, cyber attackers are misusing WhatsApp, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix platforms too. Remote employees often open these affected websites to take a break from work. Organizations must educate their staff about the grim consequences of these emerging threats.

Why Facebook?

Facebook has achieved a massive user base of over 2.7 billion active users till Q2 of 2020. It also has access to users’ login credentials that frequently are using the platform for purchases. So, it makes a lucrative source of personal data available to hackers.

Around October this year, the social media giant was exploited by malicious attackers to collect credentials. Imitating a social login is the most common approach with which the attackers have stolen almost $4 million from advertising accounts of users.

The Flip Side

Facebook is one of the most blocked websites by leading organizations worldwide, alongside Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Cybersecurity experts suggest that virtual messengers like Teams and Skype are equally vulnerable because attackers are eyeing them. Being the most commonly used sources of communication, even Gmail and Google Drive pose a high cyber risk.

Training and awareness are the only possible approaches to save your network and credentials. Use your instincts before giving access to a threat actor in your system. Be vigilant and maintain cybersecurity while working from home.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://threatpost.com/facebook-launching-pad-phishing-attacks/160351/

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