How Can New Project Managers Woo Stakeholders?

A new role brings unforeseen responsibilities and pressure at the same time. The job of a project manager is exceptionally challenging yet thrilling. Often new managers end up doing more than expected from them to set the bar high. In this article at TechRepublic, Moira Alexander shares some practical approaches to help you stabilize your ground.

Stay Resilient

Though you might be new to the role, but not in the industry. You must understand your stakeholder, colleague, and client requirements. Gather as much information as possible to win everyone’s trust. Follow these steps to stay afloat:

Know Your Stakeholders

Both internal and external stakeholders are equally critical to please. To navigate a difficult situation, you must win their hearts. Develop a clear understanding of how they fit into your project goals. Identify the weak areas to seek their intervention in the project. Also, maintain transparency with them to ensure no stone remains unturned throughout the project lifecycle.

Uncover the Unknown

Identify and document stakeholder requirements and their areas of interest. Seek their help in the areas they hold strong expertise and exposure. Carry out a stakeholder analysis initiative to map out their financial, operational, or other interests in the project. Document who, why, and how the stakeholders are significant to the ongoing project.

Self-Analysis for Self-Help

Your performance as a new project manager relies on your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest to yourself and initiate steps to hone your skills and knowledge in weak areas. Navigate a personal talent skill gap assessment by seeking guidance from professional mentors or previous managers.

Accept Your Flaws

Just knowing your weaknesses may not help you but turning them into your strengths would. So, develop a clear understanding of how and when to address your problems. It does not mean your skills or knowledge areas, but can be the issues holding your team from finishing the project on time. Use advanced tools to develop a quantitative or qualitative risk analysis and strategize to bridge the emerging gaps.

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