How Important is SQL for Your Career?


With massive data available currently, businesses and industries are collecting billions of data every day. This big data phenomenon requires a proper skill set to conduct a quantitative and statistical analysis. Through computer programming languages, such as SQL, Java, C++, and Python, the large and complex data can be processed more effectively. Structured Query Language, often known as SQL, is a critical tool for data scientists.

It is arguably one of the essential languages for getting a job in data. In this article at Dataquest, the author provides a complete beginners’ guide to SQL.

What is SQL?

Databases organize and store all those data. However, the information store in the databases must be valuable and accessible. It is here SQL plays an important role. SQL is a programming language that is designed to retrieve specific information for databases. It is a platform associated with both front-end and back-end databases.

Why Should You Learn SQL?

Learning SQL has always been in demand for database specialists. However, many programmers wonder why it is essential to learn SQL. If you are aiming to secure a job in data, you cannot afford to ignore SQL. Here are some benefits of learning SQL:

Easy to Learn and Use

SQL is an open-source programming language. It has a large community of developers, and many prevalent databases are open-source too.

Universal Language

Every tech company seeks professionals with SQL knowledge and skills. By learning SQL, you can enhance your abilities to specialize as a developer, manager, programmer, and more.

Manage a Large Amount of Data

Spreadsheets can handle only small and medium-sized data pool. To manage millions of records with ease, SQL is crucial. Navigating through all large amounts of data is easy when you have a thorough knowledge of SQL.

If you want to learn more about SQL basics, installation and setup, and aggregate functions, click on https://www.dataquest.io/blog/sql-basics/.

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