How to Simplify Project Complexity? 5 Working Tips

How to Simplify Project Complexity? 5 Working Tips

Do you come across project complexity often? These are the barriers that project leaders must be prepared for in any given situation. You must meander through the roadblocks to deliver projects per client requirements. However, how do you overcome these hurdles? In this article at the Association for Project Management, Dante Healy shares five working tips to reduce your project complexity.

Address Project Complexity

Establish a System

Project complexity starts when you are dealing with vague goals and project management approaches. So, your team members are torn between tactical and strategic objectives. If you are handling smaller and siloed projects during an ongoing one, break down the tasks to concentrate better. Set up best practices, define accountability, create collaboration channels, allocate proficient resources, and automate repeatable processes. Document for task ownership.

Bring Clarity

You must be clear about the requirements, or you must be more flexible to allow random changes in the project requirements. Instead of quantity, focus on the quality of your team’s product to reduce the project complexity. Frequently assess needs and collaborate with project sponsors to prevent losing hours working on wrong or old requests. Decide the winning factors and a reporting structure.

Involve the Stakeholders

Find out who your crucial stakeholders are in the initial stage because you cannot prioritize all their requests. Establish their preferred communication channels to get approvals, opinions, and suggestions soon. Measure stakeholder performance with objective parameters and encourage feedback from the team. Hone your soft skills like negotiation, persuasion, and conflict management to handle the outside stakeholders well.

Integrate Culture and Infrastructure

Project complexity increases with organizational size. Longstanding businesses must go through a lot of departments and hierarchies to get a single approval. You cannot afford to lose opportunities, so gradually encourage people to imbibe an agile mindset. It should enable your team and organization to work around the constant flux in today’s market.

Include Environmental Aspects

You can control the environment, especially in this volatile market. The only possible way to address the uncertainties is to stay flexible yet prepared. As a project manager, develop strategies that enable the team to prevent such incidents during the project lifecycle.

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