How to Solve Coding Problems Without Losing Time

How to Solve Coding Problems Without Losing Time


Coding problems are recurrent, and developers feel stuck when they cannot solve them in the stipulated time. You can feel the familiar frustration when the same issue keeps cropping up after multiple trials. You become anxious when you see the deadline hour looming close. Are you sure you are doing it right? In this article at Simple Programmer, John Sonmez shares how to solve coding problems.

Solving Coding Problems

Some go straight to writing the code without investing time in analyzing the underlying coding problems. It is a common misconception that planning makes you lose time. You become a better problem-solver when you devote time to discovering the issues.

Having Patience

Half of your job is done when you sit down and think about the coding problem. Do not go straight into coding without first going through what the task demands from you. For instance, a feature is not working as it should. The general reason would be a code is missing. If that is not the case, you will come back again to think about it in another way. Why not analyze it from various angles beforehand and implement the probable solutions one after another?

You must also start getting involved in solving more coding problems to detect the real issue just by looking at the code. Learn more than is necessary for your job to have options when you are stuck with a deceptively simple issue.

Once you understand the issue, choose the most straightforward solution first and then get on with the next option. If the problem is multi-faceted, narrow down the scope. Once you start solving, you might find a pattern. Based on that, you can foresee the issue that has caused the feature to malfunction. You can also manually go through the steps one after another.

Let’s hope you have figured out what prevented you from solving your coding problems.

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