Is Python Better than JavaScript? Burst the Bubble!


There is no easy way to answer the question because JavaScript and Python are immensely renowned. However, experts believe that JavaScript is superior to Python. The only way to discover that is to understand which one suits your requirement. Otherwise, in this article at IEEE Computer Society, Anna Johansson asserts how JavaScript is better than Python. JavaScript offers virtually infinite facilities to run web programming.

Fundamental Difference

JavaScript is a scripting language that makes programming easier for users by automating the processes. Python is an object-oriented coding language that enables programmers to develop applications and websites with virtual building blocks. Still, not convinced? Let’s observe the reasons why Python is good, but JavaScript is more applicable to you:

Ideal for Websites

JavaScript is indisputably the ideal pick for website development because it runs in the web browser, whereas Python requires a backend server. You can use parts of it to build the website but cannot rely on the latter entirely because it can complicate website development.

Easily Available Developers

Evaluating the professional experience and skills of a Python developer is more complicated than a JavaScript programmer. You can easily find and hire a JavaScript developer because the language is more upbeat.

Directing to the Real World

To make a niche in the fast-emerging IT sector, JavaScript is your ticket to the finale. The programming language has acquired significant attention for front-end website operations. You can generate income using the language even as a freelancer or a full-time employee.

Easy to Understand

You can learn fundamental JavaScript in a span of a few months or not more than a year. It means the earning will also start soon because there is a lot of demand for JavaScript programmers.

Popular in the Industry

JavaScript is widespread ever since its launch in 1995. The language has claimed the top position in the industry for two years in a row. To survive in the business, JavaScript is crucial for developers.

A dedicated web developer must acquire knowledge and experience in all the programming languages, including JavaScript, Java, and Python. Nonetheless, Python alone cannot help you survive the storm of constant transformation. It could be a solution or additional factor to grow in website development, but not the key to nurturing your career.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.computer.org/publications/tech-news/build-your-career/5-reasons-javascript-is-still-better-than-python

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