Is Software Testing a Challenging Job?


For an application or software to perform better, software testing is highly essential. Many believe that software testing is such an easy task that any certified software tester can efficiently perform. However, it is the most time-consuming and difficult task to perform. In this article at Business2Community, Ray Parker explains what makes testing a challenging task.

Reasons Why Testing is Harder?

Demand for Broader Skillset

“To test software effectively, you not only check it against the correct inputs, in fact, you need to record its response against the wrong inputs, too,” says Ray. Besides the ability to think outside the box and spot a potential bug or defect, software testers must also read and understand the development code. Further, they must create and organize the test data, procure the test environment, and execute the tests. Tests must also possess the ability to create a test strategy and planning documentation.

Less Appreciation

In a typical scenario, when the application or software works well, project managers say, ‘The developers did a great job!’ However, when the application fails to perform as expected, it is common for managers to say, ‘Why didn’t the testers find these problems?’ Testers aren’t given due respect for their work. Therefore, testers must document all the processes so that they have something to present at the end of the day and to promote transparent accountability.

Lack of Proper Training

There are various training and certification courses available online. However, it isn’t easy to apply the theory to practice in reality. Many software testers believe that experience is key to software testing, and there is no substitute for it.

Outnumbered Thread

The general ratio of developers to tests in an agile environment is 2:1. That’s undoubtedly a lot of work for one tester to support two developers. Besides, testers are also expected to write every type of test, get those automated, conduct performance testing, and note down all the test results.

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