ITSM in 2021: What Have the Experts Predicted?

ITSM in 2021: What Have the Experts Predicted?

ITSM in 2021 will inevitably differ from what it was in the previous years. Leaders had to scrap all the 2020 plans because of the pandemic. Now that we are used to social distancing and remote work model, will we see a slight improvement soon or further downtime? In this article at ITSM.tools, Sophie Danby shares trends experts believe will rule ITSM in 2021.

Expert Thoughts: ITSM in 2021

Being aware of trends and user interests enables businesses to channelize their energy productively. Who can predict business trends better than industry experts? Let’s find out what those trends are regarding ITSM in 2021:

Employee Well-Being and Automation

People are burning out fast due to always-on remote work expectations, so businesses would help employees balance life. Meanwhile, meetings might occur in an open space instead of walled conference rooms to stop the virus spread. However, the rise in automation might remove the human touch of empathy and trust.

Digitization and Soft Skills

Thanks to the emerging technologies and platforms, you can easily connect to your team through virtual channels. It also means that you must align your soft skills to suit the new expectations of your stakeholders. ITSM in 2021 will be more than just operational requirements, so align yourself strategically as well.

Risk, Value, and Goal Renewal

Businesses must increase risk appetite to survive the post-COVID market. Review if the values are still as applicable as before, or else modify them. Based on that, also re-evaluate your company goals and vision.

New Tools, Services

Now that you have tinkered with emerging technologies let’s move on to the next stage of ITSM in 2021, i.e., applying them for real value. Personalize services and proactively integrate service control with operations, SaaS, and workforce management.

Adopting New Ways

Agile has changed the way organizations worked. No wonder the service management industry is also trying new concepts and methodologies. Instead of focusing on targets, leaders must focus on ‘coaching and enabling’ agents.

More experts have opinions on ITSM in 2021. While most are wary about the changes, none are worried about them. Let us discover what the future holds for the IT service management industry.

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