Learn the Nitty-Gritty of Scripting Languages

A script language is a programming language that interprets machine code. Instructions are devised during the run time rather than in advance. It is more useful for brief scripts than for a detailed software development program. In this article at GeeksforGeeks, acquire basic knowledge of a scripting language that integrates communication with other programming languages.

Curious to Know More?

The scripting language is a series of directives executed without compilation. Surprisingly, all scripting languages are programming languages, but the opposite does not hold true. So, let us take a look at the most popular scripting languages:

  • Bash is an easy scripting language. Less complicated than any other programming language, it works well with the Linux interface. It specifies the command line’s programming code and forms reusable scripts to keep as a backup for others to refer to later.
  • Node.js is a network application composition that runs through JavaScript programming language. Technology giants, including IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, and Yahoo, use it for real-time web applications.
  • Ruby is an agile programming language that enables its users to make pioneering software. The scripting language is suitable for web development.
  • Python is as easy as an open-source application. It encourages procedural and object-oriented programming. It is one of the most sought-after programming languages among developers.
  • Perl is a language that has exceptional features like text manipulation. Suitable for Windows and Linux servers, the programming language is appropriate for a high-traffic websites like IMDB.

Usage of Scripting

A scripting language is suitable for developing a web application for both client and the server-side. It is also useful for system administration and gaming apps. You can also use it to create plugins and extensions to upgrade your current web applications.

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