Personnel Management: New Hack to Retain Top Talent


An administrative specialty to attract, recruit, and train hires to convert them into a valuable company asset is personnel management’s real definition. In this article at the Balance Careers, Susan M. Heathfield describes the profile as a sub-category of human resources. A personnel management professional focuses only on the administrative tasks to employ and compensate a legitimately hired employee.

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A personnel manager intends to retain an adequate quality workforce for an enterprise. You know it popularly as the HR department. Personnel management is accountable for supervising the newly hired employees’ administrative constraints. They are responsible for recruitment, hiring, salary negotiation, incentives, orientation, and training new hires. The department also ensures employee appraisal and resolves disputes.

They are responsible for creating and implementing workplace policies like work hours, attendance, and compliance measures. They also monitor organizational infrastructure, technical, or others, to ensure employee data and other regulatory adjudications are heading in the right direction.

Personnel managers frequently give the higher-ups and executives presentations about present and future policies, practices, and offerings. They are also bound to keep a close watch on the revised labor-related policies and procedures.

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To become a personnel manager or human resource official, the individual needs a bachelor’s degree in the same area and significant industry exposure. Some organizations want higher degrees. Advertising job openings, evaluating resumes, organizing interviews, and helping senior management draw the final decision is undoubtedly a time-consuming activity. Thereby, the profession offers a good salary of $116,720 in average. The industry is gradually growing at a modest pace of 7 percent.

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