Process Modeling and Functional Decomposition

Process Modeling and Functional Decomposition


You will have to meander through several layers of process modeling for functional decomposition. People without proper guidance can be lost in a process juggernaut and never come out. Follow the simple method of process modeling the author calls ‘THRIVE’. In this presentation by Heather Mylan-Mains get to know about process modeling and functional decomposition that developers leverage during data mapping.

Surviving Process Modeling

Instead of running to and fro, understand the underlying process modeling and functional decomposition. Let us see how you could leverage process modeling and functional decomposition using the author’s ‘THRIVE’ technique:

Survival Kit

  • Talk to people that do the work of functional decomposition instead of having theoretical expertise in it.
  • Hunt down people that know about the process modeling. You can also use the world wide web to enhance your knowledge.
  • Bring on the reconnaissance! You can use the process structure now for a start. Analyze the current market conditions well to project the trends in the future.
  • Use a context diagram, i.e., a tool to understand your future scope, to map the ongoing trends. It includes the business areas in the middle, and external stakeholders are orbiting them. There should be a seamless flow of data between them.
  • There are three types of process modeling methods—flowcharts, swimlane, and BPMN. First, have a high-level understanding, then move to the specifics.
  • Identify what the processes need from you.
  • View what is in store in the coming years. It is here when you would use the functional decomposition diagram.
  • Execute your plan based on the processes and functional decomposition.

For process modeling, you can use either the context diagram or functional decomposition. Whichever gives you a better solution, take that. Remember to adapt to a strategy that is customer-centric in nature. Since the future businesses will focus more on personalization, you might have to map specific to demographics later.

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