Ready for Stakeholder Management? A Reality Check


If you meet your stakeholders beyond work hours and discuss crucial project concerns on call and not by email, you have a good relationship with them.  In this article at the Digital Project Manager, Kelly Vega brings you smart ideas to improve stakeholder management and help you collaborate with them better. Keeping these stakeholders updated about project progress is as critical as arranging resources and budgets for the development.

First Things First

Stakeholders could be a group of investors or a whole organization ready to support you for a significant project outcome. The bottom line is that project success is critical to the stakeholders. Be it within or outside your organization, they sponsor the project.

Know Your Type

To impress the stakeholders, determining their type is essential. Follow these categories to see which one fits best for yours:

  • Marketing Stakeholders: Those that are busy developing a website are likely to come across as stakeholders from marketing or communications backgrounds. To form a social media promotional campaign, you must seek their approval or collaborate with them. You can cooperate with them, seeking their intervention in the initial phase of the project or SEO campaigns.
  • Technical Stakeholders: Digitization has given exposure to advanced technology. Thus, clients can afford or request it. Mostly, they have technology experts leading the project as an in-house technical director or a third-party technical consultant. To woo them, you must schedule a regular meeting with them and mark them in all the technical decision-making emails.
  • Sales Stakeholders: They not necessarily interact with the sales team but hold the sales director or manager’s position. They voice or approve critical components related to the project’s sales goals. Thus, keeping transparency with them becomes essential to progress the project tasks effortlessly. Provide them with sales growth data. Prompt ideas and inputs to create strategically powerful growth trajectory.
  • Executive Stakeholders: Your C-suite executive belongs to this category. These stakeholders sponsor your project budget, and if you perform well, they can draw additional funds. So, always strategize smart to impress them, leaving no stone unturned.

You can try utilizing stakeholder management tools to involve them in more projects and improve accountability. The applications are useful in establishing seamless communication and project surveys. Thus, gathering suggestions and opinions would be easy. Use them to improve stakeholder collaboration and get profitable results.

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