Should a Programmer Learn Data Structure & Algorithm?


Many beginners avoid learning data structures and algorithms because they find it complicated. However, algorithms and data structures are considered core skills for software engineers. Why learning algorithms and data structures important? In this article at GeeksforGeeks, the author explains how to learn data structures and algorithms.

What are Data Structures and Algorithms?

The data structure is a storage structure for a set of data; an algorithm is a method and pattern for solving problems. Both the terms are interrelated and complement each other. An algorithm applies to a particular data structure while using the right data structure improves an algorithm’s performance drastically.

The Main Categories

Here are some of the main categories of algorithms concerning data structures:

  • Search: This algorithm will help you in finding an item in a data structure.
  • Insert: Apply this algorithm to insert an item in a data structure.
  • Sort: This algorithm will help you sort items in a specific order.
  • Update: Use this algorithm for updating an existing item in a data structure.
  • Delete: To delete an existing item, you can use this algorithm.

Why Should You Learn?

  • Comprehensive knowledge of data structures in combination with algorithms lays a strong foundation for writing good codes. It helps in enhancing data accuracy and reducing coding costs.
  • Thorough knowledge of data structures and algorithms will help you perform tasks related to automated reasoning, data processing, or calculation with the utmost ease.
  • Excelling these concepts will help you generate bug-free results in coding.
  • Learning algorithms and data structures are also beneficial in gaining knowledge about new frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular, Spring MVC, etc.

If you don’t have a thorough knowledge of data structures and algorithms, you will undoubtedly find it challenging to optimize the problem’s code and solution. As a budding programmer, you must learn these concepts to be successful in your computer science career. To read the original article, click on https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/why-data-structures-and-algorithms-are-important-to-learn/.

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