Simple Tips to Deliver High-Value Projects

One of the most over-used phrases often heard in a recently downsized organization is ‘we must do more with less.’ Many organizations commit the mistake of relying on the same group of employees to operate their business and also deliver quality results. In this article at PMWorld 360, Shawn Belling explains how you can deliver high-value projects.

What are the Associated Risks?

“The ‘do more with less’ approach automatically puts an organization’s projects at risk when the same people are doing everything,” explains Shawn. This approach will undoubtedly create situations where operational and production emergencies will delay the projects or stop adding value overall. Further, the approach poses strategic risks like delay in investment return when these projects take much longer than desired.

How to Deliver High-Value Projects?

Here’s what you must do:

  • Deliver the vital projects in shorter time-frames.
  • Choose the best people or top talents to execute these high-value strategic projects.
  • Ensure that the execution of these vital projects is not interrupted by production or operational matters.

Dedicate the best business and technology people to value-based technology projects. This requires you to organize, plan, and hire based on strategic projects that can continuously transform the company. Make a conscious effort to develop the best organizational structure and hiring models that new hires must follow. The subject matter experts (SMEs) and technologists must apply their experience and knowledge on strategic projects that improve business.

Senior leaders must examine resource allocation within the project portfolio. As a leader, if you have assigned the same resource to multiple projects, focus on assigning people around delivering strategic projects.

These may not be the new ideas that will significantly alter that way you manage your projects. Successful project delivery is all in the fundamentals. Go back to these fundamental lessons, re-commit to them, and be better prepared to handle your upcoming projects while improving the current ones.

To read the original article, click on https://www.pmworld360.com/blog/2020/08/13/stop-doing-more-with-less-three-steps-to-delivering-high-value-projects/.

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