Smart Tips to Make You a Faster Programmer

Smart Tips to Make You a Faster Programmer

A faster programmer is an asset to the team. It is not just about delivering tasks faster but also about thinking quicker than others. To improve your thought process rate, you must learn how to utilize the resources you have. In this article at TechBeacon, Steven A. Lowe shares smart tips to make you a faster programmer. Let’s see if the tips help you become a faster programmer.

Become a Faster Programmer

Instead of following mechanical tips, choose those that give tactical and strategic advantages to keep you in the flow. Here are the ways:

Analyze Better

Every task you do should be better and faster than the previous day. Learn from past mistakes and include that in your decision-making process. Understand where you lag so that you do not repeat the coding error.

Measure Performance

Check your coding speed after regular intervals, say, after every few days. Are you losing time in just reading the code more than writing? Gear up.

Practice Every Day

To get better at writing code, push yourself to code more applications and complex programs. Invest some time in topcoder.com, project Euler, hackrrank.com, and other websites to pace up.

Learn How to Design

Discover the user’s problem and brainstorm it with designers and teammates. Write the lines down to think better. Introduce new programming languages wherever applicable.

Make It Suit You

Do not stick to a process that derails your speed. Start from what is easy and start putting your thoughts into coding, no matter how silly it looks. Seek help and search online. Prefer simple codes that you can decipher ever after years. Use tools and automate when possible.

Stay Off of Distraction

Have a desk set up where you feel least disturbed. Understand which part of the day you are most productive and complete crucial tasks then.

Explore Opportunities

To be a faster programmer, you must stay updated and practice new tools and techniques. Help out and have a side project as a hobby.

Look After Health

You cannot work when your brain desperately needs sleep and food. So, relax in between, eat, sleep, have fun, and meditate. Refresh your mind to be more innovative.

Have Discipline

Do not get confused by the plethora of online learning sites. To become a faster programmer, build your foundation first with core learnings.

Prioritize Quality

No matter what, quality is how you get valued as a faster programmer. When you start producing quality deliverables, it will become a norm for you.

Imbibe Soft Skills

People have that one senior whose qualities they want to imbibe. Observe your role models and learn how they deal with situations. Communication is essential, so start writing and speaking your points.

It is impossible to imbibe all of the above points, but the urge to become a faster programmer should be your driving force. You will include most of them once you have the will.

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