Software Development Trends to Influence the Future

Another year is starting, and predictions are out for the future. Technology and business go hand-in-hand now. Software development has turned into a crucial facet of it. In this article at Medium, you will learn about trends that will decide the future of software development. Organizations handling digital projects must adopt emerging trends to accelerate business growth.

Capitalize Internally

Software developers are the new assets of companies that want to invent, evolve, and expand their product and service lines. From problem-solving to making informed decisions, a developer can do everything with the right knowledge and exposure in the industry.

Uncover the Future

Software development has become a pillar of the businesses. Observe these emerging trends and be ready to deliver what the future wants:

  • Artificial intelligence will continue growing year-on-year and become the basis of incredible technological developments. The technology will continue giving a new competitive edge to healthcare, travel, education, social media, and aviation sectors. Soon, a deep learning framework called Tensorflow 2.0 will be the talk of the market.
  • Python continues making a niche in software development by offering upgraded games and technology trends. The programming language will continue boosting the growth and popularity of chatbots.
  • Though 5G joined the club in 2020, it is already nurturing the internet bandwidth. Thus, now and then, developers come across new problems to resolve. 5G has revolutionized the IT industry and has brought better opportunities for businesses. It enables developers to try augmented reality and make innovative apps.
  • Edge computing is a prevalent technology overshadowing the drawbacks of the cloud. The technology brings new hope for software developments to revive the future with improved computation.
  • Programming languages enables software developers to innovate and modernize. It not only empowers but also strengthens them to push boundaries and experiment to resolve technology issues. Rust, TypeScript, Kotlin, and Swift are the advanced languages to learn in the year ahead.
  • Along with the rise of cloud computing, comes the containerization applications. Here, Kubernetes has emerged as the clear winner. As cloud technologies continue to integrate with our world, Kubernetes will be an essential tool for developers everywhere. Researches indicate that Kubernetes popularity will continue to rise. Developers predict that in 2020 we will see the upturn in best practices and standardization of this popular product.
  • The year will see the demand for containerization application, a methodology to deploy and run distributed applications. Kubernetes is the winning tool for it.
  • Apart from the JavaScript web framework, Vue and React are becoming a developer’s preferred choices. Backed by Facebook, React is flexible and robust, due to which it will continue dominating the industry as a standard for web development.
  • Self-taught developers are also emerging and taking the lead. Low-code, no-code development (LCNC) will transform the software development industry without a degree in programming.

2021 will bring about more programming languages, software developments, customer behavior analysis, and reduce human resource engagement. The hot trends documented above are certainly here to stay and transform the industry. To stay updated and keep a watch over the upcoming boons.

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