Stakeholder Management: Top 4 Books that You Must Read Now


Most projects you work on will involve multiple stakeholders. Though stakeholders may not be in the driving seat, they are the change agents and essential during decision-making processes. Therefore, effective stakeholder management is fundamental to the success of projects. In this article at the Girlsguidetopm, Elizabeth Harrin shares some of the best stakeholder management books that will provide practical tips on stakeholder engagement.

Must-Read Books

Practical People Engagement: Leading Change Through the Power of Relationships by Patrick Mayfield

Patrick Mayfield shares a 5-step approach for a pathway to engaging stakeholders on projects. In this book, Patrick introduces the readers to the term ‘engagement’ rather than the commonly used term, ‘management’. Patrick describes that engagement provides a better approach and is a rich source of practices and techniques. This helps the reader get better results from the change they are trying to lead.

Project Management Communication Tools by William Dow and Bruce Taylor

This book provides the best practices, tips, and tools for successful project communications. Written with the stakeholders, project teams, and stakeholders in mind, this book is mostly a desk reference rather than a quick guide.

Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions by Guy Kawasaki

This book is aimed at people working with brands who work towards engaging consumers. However, Guy provides his readers with plenty of tips that can translate to the project environment. In this book, the author explains that your goal is not merely to get what you want but to bring about an enduring and delightful change in other people in your business and personal interactions.

Message Not Received: Why Business Communication is Broken and How to Fix it by Phil Simon

In this book, Phil describes how to communicate with focus and simplify communication by using technology. According to Phil, better communication requires different approaches, and this book will undoubtedly give readers a roadmap to speak and write effectively for any audience or medium.

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