Top 4 Non-Technical Skills Every PM Needs

To be a good project manager, you undoubtedly need technical know-how. If you want to maximize your professional growth, you must work on your soft skills as much as your technical skills. While technical knowledge is vital, non-technical skills are also essential for a successful project management career. In this article at TechTarget, Stephen J Bigelow explains the array of non-technical skills that a project manager must possess to guide a team through a project.

Must-Have Non-Technical Skills

Positive Attitude

“A good manager understands what motivates people and encourages better work,” says Stephen. As a project manager, you must proactively offer constructive feedback, guide team members through issues, and address mistakes without blame. Promote autonomy through training and continuous education that helps your team members build career opportunities.


Staying organized is essential for building out processes and improving strategies into the future. Delegate roles and responsibilities to team members based on the skills and capabilities of those individuals. As you provide the team members with an opportunity to display their strengths, you will witness faster results and better-quality outcomes.


Communication is often neglected. It is very crucial to effective teamwork and client satisfaction. Remember, your team members look up to you as a cohesive problem solver who can recognize and address the issue while minimizing their impact on the team, the project, and the business. Therefore, be an excellent communicator and collaborator.

Work from Home

With many organizations offering work from home, you must be adept at handling remote workers’ additional challenges. Maintaining work-life balance might be difficult for some of your team members, especially when the home space is occupied with children and older people. You must be sensitive to the work-life needs of remote workers and create realistic task deadlines accordingly.

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