Uncover the Vital Software Development Elements


Do you know how coding and testing united in software development? It is high time that organizations stopped treating coding and testing as distinct activities. In this article at Methods & Tools, Lisa Crispin explains how coding and testing collaboration make magical developments. If you initiate automated tests, you also need to make deliberate preparation for tentative testing alongside coding.

Superpowers of Testing

Testers are proficient in defining their needs and functionality to the business leaders. Thus, imagining the bigger picture is easy. They are capable of shaping customers’ requirements into reality by executing automated tests. Testers must proactively contribute to the planning. Be realistic and exercise only the operational codes before thoroughly testing the final iteration.

The Strategic Alliance

Coding and testing are inseparable elements of the development process and require equal participation from both teams. Testers can identify potential risks and new test cases, while coders can analyze, design, and improve them. Here are ways to strengthen the collaboration between coding and testing:

  • Coding and testing cover all the possible functionalities and analyze how the end element operates. Thus, developers initiate end-to-end exploratory testing using automated scripts and ensure the end product satisfies the users.
  • In the post-development phase, you may realize that even if you address the user’s expectations, you lack security, execution, and various significant abilities. Even the programming code can affect software applications in an unforeseen manner. Thus, to fix the issue, you must write new stories in the next iteration.
  • After managing the work scope efficiently, you can release “production-ready” codes at the end of the iteration. The improvement can happen later, but stable business functionalities are vital now. Have a suite of automated regression tests to address the requirements of business leaders. Also, make sure you make the necessary changes in the next iteration.
  • Strategize and perform coding and testing as a single course and focus on one part of functionality at a time. Brainstorm the testing, programming, and software delivery activities with your team. Integrate coding and testing as an inseparable entity, not a separate group of activities.

The collaboration will not happen swiftly. The coding team needs constant communication and meticulous efforts to join hands with the testers. Click on the following link to read the original article: http://www.methodsandtools.com/archive/archive.php?id=88

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