What Are Data Structures and Algorithms?

What Are Data Structures and Algorithms?


Data structures and algorithms are the everyday part of a programmer. If you are one, you must have a fair idea about them at the beginning of your career. Data structures help you organize the data in a way that you can use them when required. Algorithms are a set of instructions that help you with the sorting. Want to learn more? In this article at Study Tonight, discover in more detail what data structures and algorithms are.

Learning Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structure

You can also use ‘class’ for object-oriented programming concepts. Basically, ‘Data Structures are structures programmed to store ordered data, so that various operations can be performed on it easily.’ Integer, Float, Boolean, and Char are primitive data structures. Meanwhile, Linked List, Tree, Graph, Stack, and Queue are abstract data structures. You can also classify data structures based on their inherent features. For instance, an array is a linear, static, and homogeneous data structure, while tree and graph are non-linear. Structures are non-homogeneous, and linked list is dynamic.


Though based on the main logic of an issue, the code is not definite or complete. However, all your algorithms should have properties like inputs, outputs, finality, finiteness, and accuracy. If your algorithms take up less space and complete tasks faster, they are efficient. You must keep in mind time complexity and space complexity to increase the performance of the algorithms. When a system has low memory, and several users utilize it, you must ensure you have space for instructions, data, and the environment.

Data structures and algorithms are necessary for the execution of a complex program. Especially with tons of data collected from systems, you need to have a thorough understanding of both concepts.

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