What’s The Relevance of Functional Decomposition?

Some problems, processes, and projects appear highly complicated. However, when you take a closer look and break them down into simpler parts, the complexity disappears. This is the primary objective of functional decomposition – to clarify how the overall functionality emerges from the interaction between individual components in increasing detail. In this article at The Functional BA, the author explains various elements of functional decomposition.

Objectives of Functional Decomposition

Functional decomposition is used during the project analysis phase to create functional decomposition diagrams (FDDs). However, you can use it for smaller projects to document the deliverables and to identify if your project is on the right track. So, what are the objectives of functional decomposition:

Measuring and Managing

This is primarily used in identifying key metrics and indicators that would be used to assess the individual broken down elements.

Estimating and Forecasting

This objective helps in reducing the degree of uncertainty by breaking down a complex solution into individual elements. You must assess the cost and the resources required for each of the individual elements.


Through this objective, you can identify and eliminate any bottleneck in the business processes. You can further reduce the costs of the functions and improve the process quality.

Subjects of Functional Decomposition

Business Outcomes

“These are the products, services, and resources that are used to run the business, and they can be found in the balance sheet,” explains the author.

Work Breakdown Structure

This helps in breaking down the project into work activities, work items, tasks, and deliverables to make them more manageable.

Business Unit

You can understand how the organization works by breaking them down into individual units.


This enables the modification, optimization, implementation, measurement, and estimation of the solution by breaking down the project into individual activities. This activity is commonly used in the waterfall methodology.

To read the original article, click on https://thefunctionalba.com/2019/12/functional-decomposition-in-business-analysis/.

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