Why is Source Control Crucial for Developers?


Once you write a code, it must be kept safe so that code is not deleted or corrupted. A source control system is crucial for maintaining a single source of truth for development teams. Futher, it allows developers to collaborate on code and track changes. In fact, the success of DevOps depends on source control. These systems are essential for multi-developer projects.

In this article at Software Testing Help, the author explains the importance of source control or version control in DevOps.

What is Source/Version Control?

Source control and version control are often interchangeably used. Firstly, the source control system helps retain a long-term history of changes made on a project, including the creation, edits, deletion, developers’ name, date, and any notes from the changes. In other words, source control manages the project’s changes, be it code, documents, and environment configuration.

Why is SC Critical in DevOps?

“Source control enables the team to work together, have transparency, collaborate with each other. This also brings the team and their work under one umbrella, one tool,” says the author. Further, it prevents the team members from following their knowledge, information, and code to use. Source control helps the developers understand the difference between versions and also the purpose of making these changes.

Source control enables the developers to carry out development in parallel. That means more that one developer can work on the same code by picking the base code from the source control and copying them on their local machines. Then, the developers can merge back to the master once the changes are made.

Version control is directly correlated to IT performance and has a clear impact on company revenue and success. By promoting team collaboration, version control systems help create more reliable code.

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