Why Leadership Skill Must Include Storytelling?

Why Leadership Skill Must Include Storytelling?

Communication is a mandatory leadership skill, and so is storytelling. You not only should articulate your idea well but also must convince people to follow through. Don’t you spend hours and countless presentation slides to influence senior management? The same goes for your team. Or else, they would do a half-hearted job. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Jeff Gothelf shares how you can improve storytelling power.

How Good Are You at Storytelling?

Humans have this age-old tradition of sharing and listening to stories. The concept is still prevalent in the 21st century. So, connect the dots to be a compelling narrator. Let’s see how many of these traits are present in your storytelling:

Weave Tale per Audience

Before you start telling your story, ask questions casually to understand the audience’s interest and motivation levels. It would help you with the storytelling because you can weave their experience into your presentation or speech.

Put It Into Context

You have been talking about organizational changes with the senior stakeholders. However, your teams are hearing about them after you have already decided on implementing them. You must have provided the top stakeholders the potential benefits of the changes. Do the same for your team.

Ease In Your Points

The best part of storytelling is that you can relate your points with everyday experience. Do not go straight to the point. First, engage them with your seemingly unrelated stories. For instance, visiting a new place and then narrating how you enjoyed the new dishes and participated in their festivals.

Explain the Why

You must let the teams know the purpose of those changes instead of ordering them. They need to understand the back story to relate to you. Storytelling can help you gradually build up their engagement. Also, allow them to come up with solutions if they do not like yours.

Be Ready to Listen

One of the leadership skills is to have humility. Someone from your team will have a better idea than you have. Aspiration or ideas may come into anyone’s mind. All should be able to bring innovative thoughts to the table. When people start pouring ideas, it means your storytelling worked, and their gray cells are engaged to accept your vision.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://hbr.org/2020/10/storytelling-can-make-or-break-your-leadership

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