Why You Must Provide Honest Team Performance Review?

Why You Must Provide Honest Team Performance Review?

Team performance review allows your teammates to work better for the next project. If you are an agile team, regular suggestions help them reduce productivity glitches. Sometimes, the changes are numerous, so people usually forget about them and make the same mistakes again. How do you stop that vicious circle? In this article at Project Times, George Pitagorsky helps you discover why you must provide an honest team performance review.

Revamp Team Performance Review

A company consulted Pitagorsky to improve their team performance review process. He found out that nobody documented the session, and they also lost the video recording. The management did not dig any further and shifted their attention to the next project. Once he came on board, they created the following goals:

  • ‘open-minded objectivity
  • responsive vs. reactive behavior
  • effective communication
  • mindful awareness.’

Remove Barriers

To make your team performance review a success, identify the bottlenecks and encourage addressing them soon. Enable the team to imbibe a culture that would allow them to alert risks and mitigate them as soon as possible. Have a safe environment where people can openly discuss their feedback. MIT lecturer Peter Senge said, “carry on ‘learningful’ conversations that balance inquiry and advocacy, where people expose their own thinking effectively and make that thinking open to the influence of others.” Also, fix the team dynamics first before concentrating on reviews and performance measurement.

Let Everyone Grow

Do limit your team performance review to your immediate team members. Though some stakeholders will not attend meetings regularly, share the meeting minutes for their opinions. To enforce objective assessments, your team must attain that maturity level. You can do that by letting everyone come to a joint agreement regarding decision-making.

Create a Similar Mindset

While you are okay with providing an honest team performance review, are you ready to receive one? How long will you wait before you sit with the underachievers to discuss their performance? Do the senior leaders react the same way as the middle managers? Some might not want to discuss the topic at all fearing a backfire. So, before you start doling out suggestions, discover people’s feedback appetite in your organization.

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