Winter Employee Engagement: 3 Tips to Improve It

Winter Employee Engagement: 3 Tips to Improve It

As an IT leader, you must be worried about employee engagement in the remote work model. You cannot see the troubles they are facing that have decreased their performance. Is it longer hours or extra household duties? With winter knocking on the door, people would feel more isolated because they could hardly celebrate the festivities this time around. How do you prevent your staff from being disengaged? In this article at Project Smart, David Egts provides three tips to help IT leaders improve employee engagement.

Encourage Employee Engagement

The morale of your team is directly connected to employee engagement. If they feel isolated in a work-from-home setup, what steps have you taken to address their well-being? If you are confused about what steps to take first, here are three tips to help you start:

Give Them a Purpose

We need a purpose to do what we do, so should the employees. Ask why you are sanctioning the projects; ask why your team is focusing on the ongoing tasks. If you have these answers, you can convince people and increase employee engagement. Tie their actions to company strategies. Have the answers to their whys to motivate them further.

Sync OKRs with Tasks

Objectives and key results or OKRs can make your actions and interests be in line with the corporate goals. Though the top management creates these parameters, anyone should be able to make a change proposal for the betterment of the company. You can also use impact mapping during goal-setting sessions.

Introduce Automation

People think that automation would kill jobs. While it definitely will take up some of the manual tasks, it will recalibrate job roles. Convince your staff on how they can collaborate more with other departments in their free time. IT leaders fear automation might demoralize people, and that could result in low employee engagement. Who knows? The opposite might happen when employees become more productive.

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