Work-Life Balance Guidelines for Junior Developers

Since most employees worldwide are working from home in the global pandemic, learning and imbibing smart ideas to maintain work-life balance is critical. Not all of us have the superpower to concentrate and accomplish significant tasks. In this blog article at Medium, Charlotte Skinner explains how to ace the act of balancing personal and professional life.

Set Targets

Being in a junior position, you can take the liberty of learning and adding more feathers to your cap by joining online courses. However, you cannot multitask until you set goals, intent, and commitment to manage them. Indeed, it sounds too much work at a stretch, but only you have the potential to do it. So, strategize your day as a professional developer.

Strategic Approach

Learning SQL and C++ could be a significant game-changer for your career. High work pressure, daily task lists, deadlines, and additional stress to score high in the professional course are too much at this stage. Thus, a robust learning strategy is critical for you.

Bye-Bye Social Life?

Now, you must be thinking, with so much to accomplish daily, when you will get time to socialize with friends. Initially, you might have to drop social engagements. Nonetheless, you will soon start maintaining balance and gather speed in your office work and course practices. Getting time for socialization would be not an issue then. There are some other ways to draw a line between personal and professional commitments:

  • Seek help from your project manager to start early and end your day before others. This way, you can save enough time for your studies and social engagements.
  • Reduce mealtime to get some additional minutes at the end of the day to relax.
  • Create a daily task list for home and work without ignoring the time duration you need for each job.
  • Spare a few minutes to nurture your mental health by practicing yoga or meditation.

Do not try too hard to balance your personal and professional life. Instead, aim to find a way to live a steady life in general. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://medium.com/@csskinner90/maintaining-a-work-life-balance-as-a-junior-software-developer-33472ecbfdf2

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