Work-Life Balance or Overtime: What to Prefer?

Work-Life Balance or Overtime: What to Prefer?

Software engineering is not synonymous with overtime, as many would believe. To have a work-life balance, you should have your time offs, go on vacations, and enjoy your weekends. Unless you have an emergency, like a major flaw that could stop the product from launching on D-day. In this article at CodeAhoy.com, Umer Mansoor shares why you must prefer work-life balance to overtime.

A Career with Work-Life Balance

Developers often talk about overtime as if it is a badge of honor. Sadly, it is not. Either the estimate is wrong, or you are not working per the clock. Managers, too, are to blame. They often discuss how they or a teammate worked during weekends to pressure others into doing the same. Their always available attitude leads others to believe that people ought to follow suit, which leads to burnout. Often, leaders encourage teams to learn new skills in their free time, aka, weekends. If you want to self-develop, that is your hobby. If it is a skill needed in work, they should give you the time to learn during work hours and not eat away your family time.

How to Maintain It

With growing competition, it is hard to decide if you want a work-life balance or incentives. It is also demoralizing when your team culture prefers overtime. Ask your higher-ups to excuse you from meetings where your attendance is optional. Though socializing is part of the organizational culture, do not let that hamper your productivity. Use headphones to let people know you are working. Opt for work from home when you have deadlines. Putting in extra hours once or twice is okay. Since it soon changes to a regular habit for many, so avoid it at any cost.

Being a Workaholic

Workaholics worry neither about work-life balance nor about overtime. Their work is their passion and relaxation. However, that does not help them in the long run. Burnout, deteriorating health, loss of concentration, resentment, and other negativities collect over the years.

Work-life balance is necessary to refresh your mind with new ideas when you wake up the next morning. Sometimes, an apple during breakfast can give you a product name!

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