Young Security Personnel Worry that AI May Take Their Jobs

Many IT professionals believe that automation will make their jobs easier. However, according to Exabeam’s ‘2020 Cybersecurity Professionals Salary, Skills, and Stress Report,’ young cybersecurity professionals fear that they will lose their job to emerging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. In this article at the Security Magazine, the author shares the Exabeam’s survey highlights.

What Does the Report Reveal?

The purpose of the survey was to gain insights on the trends related to education level, job satisfaction, salary, and general attitude towards innovative and emerging technologies among cybersecurity professionals.

According to the research report, over 88% of cybersecurity professionals embraced new technologies and are confident that automation will help them in their roles. However, 53% of respondents under the age of 45 believe that AI and ML are a threat to their job security. Overall, 42% of Germans, 40% of Australians, 33% of the UK, and 54% from Singapore reported automation fears.

Industry experts attribute this partially to a lack of on-the-job training using automation. Ambiguity around career path or lack of understanding about automation has resulted in job insecurity. Another possible reason for job insecurity is the current economic climate or a general lack of experience navigating the workforce during a global recession.

The Other Highlights

96% of the survey respondents reported satisfaction with their roles and responsibilities, 77% with work-life balance, and 87% with salary and earnings. “Additionally, there was improvement in gender diversity with female respondents increasing from 9% in 2019 to 21% this year,” explains the author. Over 53% stated that cybersecurity jobs are either stressful or very stressful, down from the last 62% in 2019.

In terms of job improvement, 89% of respondents under 45 years old believed emerging technology would improve their jobs.

To know more about the survey results, click on https://www.securitymagazine.com/articles/93651-young-cybersecurity-professionals-fear-being-replaced-by-technology.

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