2021 Cyber Skills: Train Your Brain to Earn Better

Do you like thrilling work assignments? Are you open to taking up a challenging job in the cybersecurity space? Do you want to be a part of the spotlight while addressing cyber risks? If yes, then gear up to acquire trending skills. In this article at Forbes, Louis Columbus shares the emerging trends and skills in the cybersecurity industry.

Advancement Foretold

Cloud and application development securities are, by far, the most distinguished skill sets in cybersecurity. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Information Security analysts predict predict a massive job growth of 31 percent in the sector by 2029. According to Burning Glass, a leading labor market analytics company, a surge in cybersecurity skills has recently been seen. Overall one billion present and past job postings were observed by it.

Vital Observations

Candidates with the knowledge and awareness of cloud security would get up to a $15,008 salary raise this year. The skills have outpaced the need for cybersecurity awareness in the labor market. The next five years would see surging demands for Azure security, Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud Security and Architecture, forecasts Burning Glass. Currently, about 19,477 openings in cloud security skills are available.

What’s Next?

Application development security would get about a 164 percent surge in the next five years. IT professionals with ADS, DevSecOps, Container Security, Microservices Security, and Application Security Code Review would earn up to a $12,266 hike from next year. Similarly, the demand for Cloud Security skills would overtake the regular cybersecurity jobs in the next five years.

Often organizations find it challenging to hire skilled professionals in the field. Limited availability of experienced professionals to educate and young aspirant’s training is the problem. The candidates must be able to adapt to the ever-evolving threat landscape. They must prepare to handle the tight deadline and complexity of the job.

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