2021 Strategic Technology Trends CIOs Must Adhere to

The global pandemic has redesigned technology trends. From deciding people’s location to leveraging technology at work, automation and cloud have taken a front seat everywhere. In this article at SecurityInfoWatch.com, you will come across the prominent trends shaping the future with massive opportunities. The trend leverages data to influence actions using feedback loops.

Trends Leading the Way

The unprecedented financial and socioeconomic challenges of 2020 are still giving nightmares to the entrepreneurs. Nonetheless, IT is their true salvation. Strategic future action plans using advanced technologies are your only option to conquer business problems. So, here is a list of technologies to observe:

Internet of Behaviors

According to a Gartner report, many data sources include commercial customer and citizen data extracted from public sectors, social media platforms, and government agencies. Internet of Behaviors is known for ethical consequences too.

Total Experience

It involves the end-users, customers, and employee experience that can impact or transform business goals. The trend can improve and enable organizations to take advantage of the global post-pandemic disruption.

Privacy-Enhancing Computation

The technology focuses on data protection while practice. The trend enables companies to collaborate on research without losing confidentiality. It allows data exchange without breaching privacy or security.

Distributed Cloud

It distributes public cloud services to diverse locations. The operation, governance, and evolution of the cloud services continue to be your public cloud provider’s responsibility. The trend encourages customers to have cloud computing resources within their physical location to smoothly access essential data and business transactions.

Anyplace Operations

It is an IT operating model trend devised to assist customers and employees anywhere while deploying business services in remote locations. The trend is far more advanced than working from home or virtual interaction with the consumers. It delivers value-added experiences to customers and staff alike.

Cybersecurity Mesh

This one enables secure access to the digital asset without any limitation to your geographic location. However, it separates policy enforcement from policy decisions through a cloud delivery model.

Intelligent Composable Business

Since CIOs continually struggling to find the right business capabilities and transformations, intelligent composers decide by retrieving reliable information. It paves the way to redesign digital business models, autonomous operations, and advanced products.

AI Engineering

Often IT leaders find it challenging to scale AI projects due to the absence of a “production-grade AI pipeline.” Switch to disciplined AI engineering to enhance automation models.


The disciplined approach is useful to identify, vet, and automate multiple IT and business processes. Hyperautomation is an inevitable and irretrievable trend that bolsters automation.

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